Tuesday, 6 September 2011


While waiting for the fabrics to arrive, I'm wondering how I'm going to make this quilt work. The primary fabric will be the apples with the pips, but each one I have chosen has a special meaning and I want them all to have their place in it without looking like a psychadelic mess.

I'm also thinking about what the quilt top will look like as a whole. I do like patchwork, but I want to do more than just machine
piecing. The plan is for it to be hand quilted, but that's jumping ahead a bit. So handwork may mean a bit of hand applique in the quilt top perhaps.

I like that idea. The most obvious choice is a heart-shaped applique pattern on a block. But that doesn't seem enough. A heart for love, so maybe a heart with wings for love lost?
That could work. I like the look of this little doodle, maybe for the quilt it will need to be a bit longer, depending on the size of the blocks. Maybe some stars too, for hope.

I don't want to go too crazy with the patchwork because the fabrics have so much character. I think I will stick with a simple nine patch design around the appliqued blocks. Perhaps a border or two after that, depending on the size it already is and that should give me a lap sized quilt at the very least.

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