Thursday, 22 September 2011

Some days really suck

It's our wedding anniversary today and hubby is not here. A close friend is grieving at her father's funeral and I can't go over there to give her a hug because she lives in another state and my boss whom I love like a mother is in surgery today to have a malignant tumour removed from her face. 
 Sometimes life just really, really, really sucks. 
One good thing did happen though. The special necklace I was waiting for arrived in the mail today. 
There are two tiny crystals attached. A pink rose quartz for healing and pink for a girl and an aqua crystal symbolising Pip's due date, the birthstone for March.

The words on the back have been hand stamped.

I'm not usually a fan of jewellery, especially necklaces. But I have hardly taken this off since I got it. 

It's almost like the universe knew that I would need to have Pip just a little bit closer to my heart today. The timing was absolutely perfect. 

The website I ordered this from is: La Belle Dame

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