Sunday, 9 October 2011

Threading lightly

So a few weeks ago, when I'd finished Pip's first block, I was still mulling over whether I should embroider all the blocks in the same thread, or whether I should be adventurous and use a different thread for each block. The idea was to match each element with a colour, so blue for the running wave in "Deep peace of the running wave to you". Maybe green or brown for the quiet earth in "Deep peace of the quiet earth to you" etc. 

This quilt is already quite colourful (I love colour, especially colour for a child's quilt), so maybe various colours would have fitted in seamlessly. But in the end, my anal attention to detail also known sometimes as my perfectionism, won the day. I decided that it would look the best in one colour throughout not nine.

So during our lunch break at work, we drove down to a craft supplies store and found the perfect match. I chose the same colour with a slight sheen to it because I'm (sometimes) a raven and I like shiny things. I also found this cute little embroidery hoop (100mm) which will be great to focus on each word at a time.

I'd already started embroidering the second block with a greyish coloured thread, but was happy to unpick that and start again with the new version. I'm not sure if anyone will notice the difference between the thread in the first block and the second, but if it starts to bug me, then I will probably redo the first block in this thread. I have 800 glorious metres of it on this reel so don't have to panic if I make a mistake and need more. Besides, I always know where to get more.

As I get started on the unpicking and redoing, I'm thinking of all the other angel babies out there. I wonder what they're doing on a day like today. The rain has come and gone and so has the sun. Does heaven have weather? I love laying in bed and listening to the sound of the rain, so I hope it isn't always just sunny there. Besides, one of the most fun things about being a kid (big or little) is playing in the rain and dancing through puddles. I hope heaven has puddles too and gum boots.

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